Thames Sailing Barge Match

Portwey attended the Thames Sailing Barge Match in 2013.  Here are some pictures from the day.
For more information Thames Match Website

Heading downstream towards the Thames Barrier

Our skipper " Tommy " negotiates the barrier

The skipper's view

Taking a rest in the engine room ?

They were not really asleep !

The scary stoker !

Tending one of the fires

Sunset on the evening before the Barge Match

Early morning on the day of the Barge Match.

At anchor waiting for the wind.


" KITTY " with a full complement


No danger of being rammed in these conditions !


Still no wind


A faint breeze at last

Making headway in the light breeze

The tug " TOUCHSTONE " among the barges


A young guest at the helm

Chatting with guests

Time to bid farewell to our guests