Thames Sailing Barge Match

Portwey attended the Thames Sailing Barge Match on the 13th June 2009.  Here are some pictures from the day..
For more information Thames Match Website

Lady Daphne on the start line


Cabby & Adieu

Barges lining up to start

Barges heading out to the Oaze

Portwey's Boiler

Telegraph showing order for Half Ahead

Pressure gauge showing 114psi of pressure in the boiler

Another shot of the barges racing

Barges about to go round the buoy for the return trip

X-pilot followed the race

As did the Princess Pocahontas

The ex Cory's tug Touchstone carried the race committee

Another view of the barges rounding the buoy

Adieu nearing the finish line

Touchstone between two of the barges

Close up of Adieu

End of the race, barges moor up on PLA lighter at Gravesend

Another shot of the barges moored up

These photos by John Austin

Portwey Steaming Along

Portwey with one of the barges

Portwey blowing her famous whistle

Portwey & barge, pass the power station